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Electronica 7-2100ND4

Electronica 7-2100ND4

Displayed data: hours, minutes
Digit height: 100mm
Size: 440*155*45mm
Emitting color: green/red/yellow/blue/white
Luminous Intensity: 0.1 - 0.6cd
Viewing angle: 120 °
Operating temperature: 0...+45∞C
Storage temperature: - 45...+55∞C
Power: AC ~220V ± 5%

This led clock sign is perfect for hotels, fitness room, hallway, classroom, auditorium, shop, office, hall of office center, shop windows and visor store, supermarket sales floor, at the cashier station, train station, car dealership, on a billboard.†

Functional specification:

• Led clock sign †with remote, PC †control; †
Х Optional control via GSM channel , Wi-Fi, LAN and sync with the " exact time "; †
Х Built-in standby power supply while maintaining the timing†for†several†years *; †
Х Displays current time, date , alarm clock, stopwatch , timer; †
Х Options : Displays the temperature , atmospheric pressure, humidity level and the background radiation ; †
Х Adjusting the accuracy - 1 s / day; †
Х Possibility to set of 60 software alarms ( for educational institutions); †
Х Selection of an audio signal to a timer and an alarm clock, stopwatch from 1 to 99 seconds ; †
Х Select the time for an additional parameter from 1 to 99 seconds; †
Х Ability to create a network of hours : primary/secondary; †
Х Any model can be the primary clock; †
Х Galvanic separated output for external alarm device; †
Х Ability to connect the load up to 500W; †
Х The use of high-quality LED world's leading manufacturers of life up to 100,000 hours; †

* Subject to changes in the unit and charge the battery. †

Temperature, pressure , humidity, radiation and sound alarms are optional parameters and are not part of the standard equipment hours.†

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