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Electronica 7-256ND4

Electronica 7-256ND4

Displayed data: hours, minutes

Digit height: 56mm

Size: 315*175*35mm

Emitting color: green/red/yellow/blue/white

Luminous Intensity: 0.1 - 0.6cd

Viewing angle: 120 °

Operating temperature: 0...+45∞C

Storage temperature: - 45...+55∞C

Power: AC ~220V ± 5%

These led clock sign look great as in the office, so in the apartment. Its main advantage is a modern, stylish molded plastic housing!

Functional specification:

• Led clock sign †with remote, PC† control;
Х Optional control via GSM channel , Wi-Fi, LAN and sync with the " exact time ";
Х Built-in standby power supply while maintaining the timing †for†several†years *;
Х Displays current time, date , alarm clock, stopwatch , timer;
Х Options : Displays the temperature , atmospheric pressure, humidity level and the background radiation ;
Х Adjusting the accuracy - 1 s / day;
Х Possibility to set of 60 software alarms ( for educational institutions);
Х Selection of an audio signal to a timer and an alarm clock, stopwatch from 1 to 99 seconds ;
Х Select the time for an additional parameter from 1 to 99 seconds;
Х Ability to create a network of hours : primary/secondary;
Х Any model can be the primary clock;
Х Galvanic separated output for external alarm device;
Х Ability to connect the load up to 500W;
Х The use of high-quality LED world's leading manufacturers of life up to 100,000 hours;

* Subject to changes in the unit and charge the battery.

Temperature, pressure , humidity, radiation and sound alarms are optional parameters and are not part of the standard equipment hours.

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