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Electronica 7-043

Electronica 7-043

Assignment: mapping information for competitions in team sports outdoors and sporting arenas.
Displayed data output: time, account, batch, batch number, feed direction of the arrow, name of teams.
Management: PC. †
Main technical characteristics: † †
Item display: led†
Digit height:
account: 210mm†
party, by the parties: 170mm
size field running line -120mm, 32х8 pixels;number of rows 2; number of letters-4-6. †
Power: ~220V ±5%, 50Hz †
Size: 1800х1100х60(130)mm †
Weight: 30kg. †
Installation method: suspended †

Scope of delivery:

  • Electronic scoreboard, pc: 1
  • PS to CD, pc: 1
  • Passport operation, pc: 1
  • Cable connection to a PC 3m

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