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Electronica 7-080

Electronica 7-080

Assignment: mapping information for competitions in karate in open areas and sports arenas. 
Displayed data: bout, scores, disorders, weight, tatami room, a siren.
Management: PC/remote control.  
Main technical characteristics:     
Item display: led matrix
Digit height: 100mm.
Power: ~220V ±5%, 50Hz   
Size: 900х600х60(130)mm   
Weight: 20kg.   
Installation method: suspended  

Scope of delivery:
  • Electronic scoreboard, pc: 1
  • Remote control, pc: 1
  • PS to CD, pc: 1
  • Passport operation, pc: 1
  • Siren, pc: 1.
  • Cable connection to a PC 3m

Additional equipment:
roller carriage for outdoor installation

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