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Electronica 7-1020

Electronica 7-1020

Displayed data: currency rates, led sign
Displayed currency rates: 2
Digit height: 20mm
Emitting color: green/red/yellow/blue/white
Luminous Intensity: 0.1- 0.6 cd
Viewing angle, 1/2: 120 °
Operating temperature: 0 ... +45 ° C
Storage temperature: - 40 ... +55 ° C
Power: ~220V ±5%, 50Hz

In molded plastic housing: 315*175*35mm 
In the
steel housing (length, height, depth): 315*175*35mm 
In the steel housing with date and time: 430*170*40mm 
In the steel housing with date, time and the running line: 430*250*40mm

*Size for two currency rates

Functional specification:

Led currency rate sign with remote control, PC;
• Optional control via GSM channel, Wi-Fi, LAN;
• Built-in standby power supply while maintaining the timing to 7 years *;
• Display of two to 13 currencies;
• Housing made of sheet metal coated with powder
paint, acrylic glass, aluminum moldings;
The application of the logo;
The use of high-quality LED world's leading manufacturers of life up to 100,000 hours.

* Subject to changes in the unit and charge the battery.

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