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Electronica 7-06Л

Electronica 7-06Л

Information displayed: hours, minutes, seconds
Digit height: 20mm
Glow color: green
Brightness: 0.4 – 1.2 CD
Viewing angle: 2θ1 / 2: 160°
Operating conditions: -25 ... + 45°C
Storage conditions: - 40 ... + 55°C
Supply voltage: ~ 220V ±5%, 50Hz
Power consumption: not more than 10W
Overall dimensions: 225*115*108mm 
Weight: not more than 1.3 kg
Installation method: desktop

In the electronic clock electronics 7-06L as an element of information display used Vacuum-fluorescent indicator (VLI), the distinctive features of which are the high quality of the displayed information: a large viewing angle, about 160 degrees, high brightness, contrast and clarity of the characters, pleasant to the human eye glow color. 
Electronics 7-06L look great in the interior of the office, office and living space. The watch case is made with the use of precious wood. 

Functional characteristics of the watch:
• Clock control: push-button;
* Built-in backup power supply with time-saving up to several years*;
* Display current time, alarm, date**, stopwatch**, timer**;
* Additional parameters: display of temperature**, atmospheric pressure**, humidity**;
* Adjusting the stroke accuracy of the CCE* * - 1 s / day.;
• Setting a software alarm;
* Select the duration of the sound for the timer and alarm, stopwatch from 1 to 99 seconds**;
* Select the duration of additional parameters from 1 to 99 seconds**;
* Application of vacuum-luminescent indicators to display information;

* When the device is operating and the battery is charged.
 ** Additional parameters are not included in the basic configuration of the watch.

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