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Joint Stock Company «REFLEKTOR»

«Reflektor» Scientific and Production Company is the oldest company in the electronics industry; for more than 50 years of experience, it has produced and delivered more than 1 billion bulbs, over 10 million vacuum fluorescent  displays and a wide range of consumer goods, such as electric watches, radios, electronic games and electronic scoreboard, to the domestic market.

Production of electronic clocks was launched in 1968. «ELECTRONIKA7-06», the famous clock and its modifications were delivered to 30 countries worldwide. For the time of production more than 350,000 pieces was issued.

Today, the company produces 90 modern models of electronic clock, a wide range of electronic displays for various purposes, serially produced and custom-made displays including "creeping line", display for gas stations, credit institutions, railway stations and airports; industrial displays, video screens, as well as LED lights, text displays, displays for transport, displays for the state program "accessible environment". Affordable prices, the use of reliable components from the best manufacturers, a wide range of consumer characteristics and professional staff make the production very attractive, providing a stable implementation. We look forward to fruitful mutually beneficial cooperation.