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Деловые линии

-No TAX for delivery to transport until 30 November!

Акция для спортивных школ

-only this month 5%discount on any of our products for sports and educational schools and institutions! 

Часы с логотипом по цене от 8400 руб!

The currency exchange rate board display is remarkably easy to use and can either be updated through data by remote controller. They are now fully programmable replacing old designs using stick on lettering, which were both time consuming, and irritating to update. The new sleek, slim-line attactive designs make them appear at in any corporate establishment.

-hurry only this month the currency exchange rate board display within 350$ cost!

Современные часы ЭЛЕКТРОНИКА 7-256СМ от 3900 руб!


Indoor and Outdoor led time temperature sign are ideal for attracting potential customers' attention to your business, while providing beneficial information to the community. Competitive price to give you outstanding value, while minimize your maintenance and energy costs.

-the most popular model: ELECTRONICA7-276DM in plastic housing

within 60$ cost!

Электронные часы для медицинских учреждений Chasy iz nerzaveyky

Акция на большие часы

-ordering  large size led clock sign function of temperature measurement as discount!

Electrinica7-2460L4/6, Electrinica7-2500L4/6, Electrinica7-2700L4/6,

Electrinica7-2850L4/6, Electrinica7-21000L4/6.

НОВИНКА - Светодиодный аптечный крест

Our NEW PRODUCT - LED Pharmacy Cross

-is a very effective communication and advertising tool, which can display variable messages indoor or outdoor to highlight your pharmacy in the city and impress the potential clients. Smart users know how to make full use of their Cross in order to get the best advertising solution for their pharmacies.

Светодиодные ленты - теперь с 30% скидкой по цене от 40 руб за метр!

Led strip-

Different color temperature, of the different needs, to meet different lighting effects.

Small figure, easily concealed, ultra-high brightness characteristics, particularly suitable for backlight of cabinets, ceiling decoration, objects, outline to achieve landscaping, highlighting the characteristics of lines.

-only now for sale with 30 percent discount, within 1,2 cost per meter! 

Акция строки

-buy from stock within
115$ cost!

Electrinica7-4064-16xXX singal,-bi,-fullcolor!

Electrinica7-40120-16xXX singal,-bi,-fullcolor!